Clogged Drains & Stoppage Repairs in Houston

We fix clogged drains, sinks, toilets, pipes, sewage lines, and more.

Clogged drains and toilets are some of the most common plumbing problems. The cause of your clog may be obvious or may need to be detected with our special video inspection equipment. The most common clogs happen in:

Our licensed plumbers will inspect your clog, provide a free estimate for service and repair, and get to work to clear your clog immediately.

Contact us online or call (281) 351-6661 to get a free estimate for a Daniels Plumbing clog repair in the Houston, TX area.

Something Stuck in the Drain?

It is common to drop items in the drain or toilet. From rings in the kitchen sink to toys being flushed for “experimental reasons” we have seen almost everything and can retrieve it all.

Video Line Inspections

We can visually inspect the inside of your lines for your lost item using our special video inspection equipment and retrieve it for you safely. If you believe you have lost something in a drain, turn off the water immediately to that drain immediately. If possible, do not use any water at all until after we have inspected the drain and lines to find your lost item.

Contact us online or call (281) 351-6661 to get your clogged drain or toilet fixed or find your lost item.

Our licensed plumbers fix clogs and clear drains anywhere in the NW Houston area including Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, and surrounding areas.