Winterizing Services in Houston

winterizing pipes in houstonPipes commonly burst during the winter months in Houston if not cared for, or winterized properly. A properly winterized home is protected from the cold and the awful expenses and headaches of burst pipes.

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A Few Tips to Quickly & Easily Protect Your Pipes

  • Turn faucets on to drip. Ice might still form in the pipes, but a running faucet allows water to escape before the pressure builds to bursting.
  • Leave cabinet doors open under the sinks to allow warm air to circulate around pipes.
  • Insulate pipes in attics. Most hardware stores have the materials you need but be careful climbing around in your attic. Our professional plumbers can insulate the pipes in your attic safely and properly.
  • Cover exterior pipes. You can do this yourself with various devices available at the hardware store or one of our licensed plumbers can affordably winterize your home to protect it for the entire winter season.

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Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Most people don’t think to winterize their sprinkler system, especially in Texas where a good freeze doesn’t come along too often. Daniel’s Plumbing can help you winterize your sprinkler system. If there is any water in the system’s pipes, it can freeze, expand and crack the PVC piping, usually from fitting to fitting. If water freezes in the backflow assembly, it could damage the internal components and could possibly crack the brass body. Don’t take that chance, call Daniel’s Plumbing today!

Water Heater Winter Protection

Your water heater is a prime suspect in the area of heat loss as well as being at high risk for broken water pipes. These days most water heaters are placed in the attic, with minimal insulation. Daniel’s Plumbing prevents serious problems and damage, and saves you money and headaches, by winterizing your water heater.

Exposed pipes in your attic can freeze, expand, and burst. The result can be an expensive and time-consuming disaster throughout your entire house. Daniel’s Plumbing will insulate your water heater and connected pipes, and prevent that disaster from happening.

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