Video Line Inspection in Houston

We perform video line inspections.

For a fast diagnosis of your plumbing problem, we can visually inspect the INSIDE of your plumbing system. Using special camera technology that “snakes” through your pipes, we can get an immediate, clear visual inspection of your plumbing and sewer lines.

Call us at (281) 351-6661 or contact us online to arrange a video line inspection for your home or business.

Inspection & Detection


The video line inspection is the best way to quickly diagnose your plumbing problem so we can get right the to repairs.  Your video line inspection can detect most major plumbing problems, including the top three:

  • Poor Grade (water collecting in pipe)
  • Offset or Shifted Line/Pipe (water is leaking from pipe)
  • Roots in Pipe (pipe is clogged)

Call us at (281) 351-6661 or contact us online to schedule a video line inspection and free estimate for your plumbing repairs, if needed.