Leaks – Water or Gas

toilet repairs, replacements, and water-efficient toiletsDaniels Plumbing fixes plumbing leaks wherever they are – inside or outside your house. There are many causes of leaky pipes in Houston including:

Leaks are Costly

Your leak may not pose an immediate threat but may be costing you money every month you let it continue on.  Also, some minor leaks can become major at exactly the wrong time – such as 15 minutes after you left for work – and cause major damage to floors and walls that will cost you thousands to repair.

Using special technology, we are able to perform video line inspections to visually inspect the insides of your plumbing and sewer lines.  Fast diagnosis means a faster repair and fewer headaches for you.

Call us at (281) 351-6661 or contact us online to get your leak inspected and fixed. A trained technician will come to your home, provide a free estimate, and repair your leak immediately upon your approval.

We have 24 hour service 7 days a week and there are no special charges for after-hours calls.


Gas leaks are dangerous! If you suspect a gas leak, do not use any electrical appliances, switches, or other devices.

You and your family should immediately go outside and call us at (281) 351-6661.  We will help make sure your gas leak is detected and repaired safely and quickly.